Friday, March 28, 2014

The Art of Commiment and Leadership

I had breakfast with a friend of mine this morning and we got talking about leadership and what it is that makes a good leader.  We were both in agreement that leadership is a learned skill and that not everyone is a universal leader.

I told my friend that leadership is all about commitment and vision.  The first part of a skill that needs to be learned is how to have vision while the second part is about commitment. Commitment to yourself first, ( gain your self knowledge, know who you are, your strengths and weaknesses) second its commitment to your people, ( who are they how will they help, what makes them tick, what do you need to do?) and the third thing is to commit to your customer.  (What type of services do your customers want, what do they need, how can you help them get what they want and how do you service them.)

So leadership is commitment to making sure that everything is in alignment with everything else. Customer service is a commitment to ensuring that you customers receive the best from your organization.  In regards to your product is the cheapest, fastest, best, quality, fun, quality, experience that you can give them.  For your staff its about giving them a place that they can call home, where they feel respected, wanted, where they can feel they can contribute, be part of team and have the same basic beliefs that you are committed to your products or services.

Commitment to communication includes the  understanding, leading, painting the picture or developing a sense of vision for where the company is going, where the profits are coming from and where you want to be in regards to what is required for your company to be successful. 

In my book I talk about over responding in regards to helping the world become a better place.  By over responding you take everything that happens and just make it better.

Inside a corporate environment , its simple enough to understand that if you take everything and react to it immediately then there are no issues, no outstanding problems and most of all there are no real issues since its easy enough to do what it is to\ do to bring about the changes that will make a difference.  All you need to do is to commit to doing something better, more efficient, more effective, more value, the overall more of something.

Leadership then starts with commitment.   Commitment to quality, customers, staff, suppliers and partners.  Once you chose this path, all of a sudden everything becomes easier and easier and more profits or growth can be generated and long term legacy programs can begin.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Getting What You Want from Life

Its pretty interesting, my wife is writing a new book called " Inspiration in Action, A Women's Guide to Happiness" which is coming out in the spring.  As an inspiration for my book "The Ten Commitments to a Better Life" she has been a big player in supporting me and in making my life happy that's for sure. 

Anyway, her book has a chapter in it that focuses in on gratitude.  For the past few months she has been writing about it, talking about and teaching it in her " Inspiration in Action" courses that she teaches to women.  So I have heard a lot about it and I have discussed  it with her a lot.

When I started to write the book "The Ten Commitments to a Better Life", I was a less focused on the process for getting what it was you wanted and being grateful and more about integrity.  I felt that once you were in integrity you could easily attract everything to you since you were clear about who you were and what you wanted and where it was you were going.   I think however I was incorrect in that I was making it really too simple.

In Kathie's context, if you are grateful for what you already have; you already recognize that you have more than most people, just by being thankful and grateful for what you have no matter how small or large it is.  

For example Louise Hay said at a recent " You Can Do It " event that she thanks her car everyday.  That really resonated with me since I love cars and I am always looking at the next new one vrs thanking or thinking about the one I already have.  Its really funny, because as soon I started to do that, thank my car, I realized the vehicle I am driving is really a great vehicle and realized that it had more features than what I even realized were on the car in the first place and that I took for granted.  

The concept of being grateful is pretty powerful. It allows you to take stock that you already have a lot of things in your life and that the quest for more is really predicated on advertising and marketing and creating a want or fulfilling a need.  

Being in that industry for the past thirty years, our key goal was to create either a need for fulfill a want.   That by itself seems like a weird concept for some since advertising is about telling a story of things you should consider or purchase.  For example, the new watch,  car, clothing, shoes, lipstick, Kraft dinner, soup or fast food.   Like if we did not tell you there was a Panini Sandwich at Tim Horton's, most people would not care.  However we go out and spend a lot of money on advertising and all of a sudden you want a Panini sandwich even if you don't really know what it is, but you want one.

So gratitude takes away the need and the want. It says; I am already happy with what I have and I am thankful.  It allows you to appreciate the simple things.  The smell and taste of a good cup of coffee, a great band, a sunset, green grass, a sauna, warm soup on cold day, a cozy cat, warm socks or a hug from someone you love.

Getting what you want then is far simpler than the power of attraction or wishing for more of something.  Once you become thankful or grateful it is through this appreciation of gratitude that you appreciate more of what you already have and that makes you open to receive.  By being open to receive you get more of what you are already grateful for.  A rule of thumb for example is that if you have loose change in some form of receptical in your bedroom, you have more money that 90% of the people on the planet today.

So gratitude is pretty unique concept in that,  once you are thankful for what is already been acquired you actually want less and anything that shows up is a bonus, giving you a great deal of satisfaction.  

This may seem like a simple concept, but like the little book the "The Ten Commitments to a Better Life", life is pretty simple.   When you commit to over responding to life, and all the things that come into that life, you can be really pretty thankful.

I wanted to thank my wife this month for her Inspiration in Action program.   The chapter on gratitude resonates with me and resonates with me even more now.  I already have what I want, love, life, happeniess, health, wealth, water, thoughts and on and on and even having the ability to write these words in something called a blog and that makes me extremely happy.  Thanks Kathie!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Connecting to the Source - Finding the God Within

Its been a while since I have written on my Ten Commitments blog and a lot of new amazing things are happening in my life. I have been reading Wayne Dyer's new book about getting your wishes fulfilled and I think that Wayne has something here.

A few years back after my walk in the desert of 8 years and the quest for self I read a book called " Initiation". It was a good book that focused in the the fact that humans had lost their way by attaching themselves to the earth plane and giving up their connection to the " source". It was quite a revelation for me since I was looking for a path to enlightenment and wondering how to get there. Part of what getting into integrity is all about is becoming totally who you are.

This definition usually starts with love. The fact that all humans are begins with love then its just up to us how we deal with love and these emotions. The fact that love is a simple thing that we are looking for is also a bit of challenge for most humans. You look for love and search for it, however giving it attracts it. What is crazy is that its the easiest thing for us to do. Give and get love, its in all of us. Now this love is connected to the source, the pure and powerful god source that helps us to develop and helps us grow. Our problem, like the bible says, that we are all addicted to the earth plane and all the elements it provides. Money, cars, homes, tangible things that are supposed to provide us with what we want. These material things are ego driven and therefore few come from a place of love.

In the book the "Ten Commitments to a Better Life" we talk about getting into and being integrity. If there is one thing we missed in this book is that when we do this we have the conduit to love. We can therefore be more open to experiences and to giving from the heart, because we know that is. We can also tell the world more about what we stand for. So if its love in your heart and the giving of love to others and the need to serve others then that's your integrity.

Wayne says that all of your wishes will be revealed just by starting with love as the basis of your mission and connecting to the source. I love that. Its a pretty simple process, just be you, connect to your creator 0r inner creator and give love. That's my new mission here on planet earth and I will start to cultivate that starting today.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thoughts Become Things

It has been said that what you think about expands and the you can attract what it is you want simply by being focused on what you want. This morning I was coaching a business client that was telling me that everytime she had money problems she lost faith in the universe.

I am not sure however that its the universe's fault if the money is running low. I think its most likely the fact that you have not told the universe what you are looking for and what it is you want with intention. I think that everytime you get lazy with your thoughts, the universe get lazy as well. It thinks, if its not important to you then its not important to me either.

I think you need to get yourself primed for success and that means being ready to play the game every day. When things drop off, thats when the universe says, hey this is not that important and then takes a rest as well. What do you expect? Do you think the universe is sitting there saying, if he is taking a break then I should continue to keep sending those good vibes, that business that he is looking for when I think all he is asking for is a break.

To be certain the universe follows your every thought. It says to you, what are you thinking about what do you want me to send you. I know some you think that should be a your soul mate an attractive man, women or new car, but it does not work like that. The universe picks up on your vibrations. It understands that you are in a high or low vibration and it decievers the the difference between positive and negative thoughts.

Therefore, negative thoughts produce negative vibrations and so on. Remember thoughts become things. Think good and productive thoughts and the universe is in that zone, right beside you.